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Keynote for iPhone 12 will not be this month, and it’s good – 9to5Mac

All the signs are now pointing to two Apple events in the near future: the one now announced on September 15, and another in October for the delayed headset on the iPhone 12.

Some still believe that the September event will include the new iPhones, which indicates that the planned two-hour slot machine is too long for only the new iPad Air and Apple Watch models. But I think it’s quite likely that the September event will not include the new iPhones …

No iPhone 12 main tone this month

First, there have been several reports on this, from reliable sources. Bloombergs Mark Gurman, for example.

7;m told that Apple will not announce the iPhone until October. This is most likely for the iPad and Apple Watch.

And BuzzFeed’s John Paczkowski.

September 15. Do not hold your breath for the new iPhone.

The confident tone of these announcements is very suggestive to me that Apple is tipping sources to meet expectations. If the world expected an iPhone 12 launch and instead was palmed off only with announcements from the iPad and Watch, it would result in great disappointment that would overshadow the actual launches.

I’m also with John Gruber, because you can usually not tell too much from the tag lines and graphics Apple uses for its event invitations, but this one is very clear.

I’m in the camp that thinks there are often no notable clues in the logos or event names for Apple events, but you do not have to be a genius to guess that “Time Flies” means that the Apple Watch is the headliner. at next week’s event, which in turn means that no iPhones will be announced.

Gruber also shares my view on expectation management.

In the end, the two-hour machine means nothing. The fact that the track is booked for two hours does not mean that Apple will spend all that time. Apple is probably still working on the videos, or at least editing them, and does not yet know how long the event will last, but I certainly expect the actual length of the event to be shorter.

More events are better

I said after WWDC that I’m a big fan of the main virtual format, with pre-recorded video presentations.

WWDC keyboards and iPhone launches can sometimes feel like they’re dragging – that they’re far longer than they should be. Yesterday’s pace was fast-paced, with nothing that felt like padding […]

Having everything pre-recorded means that Apple can sit back and take a calm look at the event as a whole, and get feedback from more people about how well it works. If some segments feel rushed while others feel slow. It can record again as desired, and edit the final recording to the best possible event.

The end result is something that feels far smoother, better paced and consistently interesting.

The vast majority of you in our poll agreed that either this format or a hybrid format was better than traditional main tips.

Gurman argues that separate virtual events make sense given that there is no travel involved for journalists.

But I want to go further and say that a larger number of more focused events are better. Better for us, better for Apple.

Better for us because we are not facing a flood of information at once, and a bunch of products that are all trying to get our wallets at the same time.

Better for Apple because distinguishing products at different events means they get the attention they deserve. Include an Apple Watch announcement at an iPhone event, and the Watch will be the one to run as well – even though it’s the real star of the show.

So, as pre-recorded video presentations, this is also part of the new standard I would like to see. Giving each product category its own event is probably a step too far; Combining the new iPad Air with the Apple Watch Series 6 makes sense, for example. AirTags will also be part of this or another event. But I prefer more events, each of which covers fewer products.

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