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Kill Spam on Mac, iPhone and iPad

  SpamSieve There are times when it is easy to make a recommendation for an app, just based on a few questions. For example, if you have multiple email accounts and you have had them for many years, chances are you will get spam.

How do you get rid of spam? Simply put, you can't do that. Spam is a scam, and as long as we have email accounts, we'll probably receive messages we don't want. Can you curb spam? Want to reduce it to a minor annoyance? Yes. How about iPhone and iPad? Again, yes.

Mac Centerpiece

The Mac comes with Mail for Email and it's a decent application since email apps with far too many features go, but it also comes with a built-in Junk Mail filter for spam that is, well, After a while, rubbish yourself. SpamSieve is the best known replacement for the Junk Mail option for capturing and separating spam messages. The app has been around for many years and seems to get better over time.


SpamSieve blocks messages that match specific patterns, but it can easily whitelist all the email addresses in your Mac Contact app. This means that each incoming message is compared to a database of infringing codes, and that messages identified as spam are placed in a special folder.

If messages let through the default settings, it is OK. Just select the spam message, then select " Train As Spam " from the Mail drop-down menu and SpamSieve learns; and learn quickly. I haven't had a false positive this year, and only a couple last year, and I have dozens of email accounts to manage at the school where I work and get hundreds of spam messages every day.

The settings are simple and easy too.


If you don't get a lot of spam, the Apple Mail app and Junk Mail filter should be fine for your needs. If you get an attack on spam every day, SpamSieve works wonders.

iPhone & iPad

What about spam on your iPhone or iPad? Again, if that's not a problem, there's nothing to worry about. But if you have a lot of email addresses, or email addresses you've had for a long time, then spam is a problem on Mac and iPhone and iPad. Apple's Junk Mail filter does what SpamSieve does and helps prevent spam from reaching iPhone or iPad.

What if you have a third-party email application and don't use Apple's Mail? SpamSieve works on Airmail and other Mac programs, and using the spam filter prevents spam messages from appearing on other devices.

Apple doesn't say why there is no spam filter for iPhone and iPad, but using a Mac to filter spam first also prevents most of it from appearing on the same email accounts on your iOS devices.

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