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Leaker claims that the ‘HomePod mini’ will cost $ 99, launching in November

The report also claims that Apple’s new “HomePod mini” will be half the height of the original, and describes a release schedule for the entire “iPhone 12” series.

A leak that was originally posted on the Chinese website Weibo, but then passed on by a former accurate tweet speaker Ice Universe, claims to have complete information about the rumored smaller HomePod, plus confirmation of the “iPhone 12” series Apple is expected to announce 13. October.

A translation of the original Weibo post says: “HomePod Mini, priced at $ 99, 3.3-inch speaker, S5 processor.

Most venues are scheduled for November 6/7, and will be released 16/17. Wait for the domestic release. ”

The reference to a domestic release implies that these dates apply to the United States, not China where the leak was posted.

At 3.3 inches, the HomePod mini would be less than half the height of the original HomePod. And at $ 99, that would be just under a third of what the HomePod currently costs.

The same source lists the prices for the “iPhone 12” series, the bottom two are both $ 50 higher than previously reported. In particular, it claims that the “iPhone 12 mini” will start at $ 699 instead of $ 649, and the “iPhone 12” will be from $ 799 instead of $ 749.

It also claims a release schedule for all four “iPhone 12” models, starting with “iPhone 12” and “iPhone 12 Pro.” Pre-orders are said to be October 16 or 17, with shipping from a week later October 23 or 24.

The leak says that the “iPhone 12 mini” will open for pre-orders on November 6 or 7, and will be sent a week later on November 13 or 14. And reportedly, the “iPhone 12 Pro Max” will see pre-orders in November 13 or 14, with shipping Nov. 20 or 21.

In the tweet of the original leak, leaker Ice Universe says that the story of the Weibo poster “is very accurate, so I suggest you take it seriously.”

Ice Universe has previously leaked details about “iPhone 13” and its notch, plus a requirement that “iPhone 12 Pro” will have a 120Hz ProMotion screen.

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