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Lenso Cube 1080P Pocket Projector is 61% off

We at iLounge have a special deal on the Lenso Cube 1080p Pocket Projector, which allows you to enjoy movies, shows and videos on a theater-like screen.

Pocket projectors have evolved so much that you can now have a cinema right in your own home. Example: Lenso Cube is a powerful mini projector that can throw up to 120 inch videos in fantastic 1080p resolution.

Lenso Cube 1080P pocket projector

The top has a touch screen so you can control the device without the need for additional input accessories. It is compatible with more than 3600 apps and has screen mirroring, AirPlay and Bluetooth, as well as a few wired portal options.

Lenso Cube 1080P pocket projector with a human hand.

The 2 hours of battery life and the built-in speakers make it a real speed projector. Best of all, the Lenso Cube measures just 2 inches on all sides and can be easily stored in your purse, backpack or pocket.

The Lenso Cube 1080p Pocket Projector normally costs $ 799 while we at iLounge give it away for only $ 309.99. You get a 61% discount on our agreement.

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