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Less known rules in the App Store – Six colors

Throughout the decade, the Apple App Store has been known as a secure and reliable source of quality software. But while that has been the case, it has also been a hotbed of controversy and controversy, especially when it comes to the rules that govern the market – and how those rules are applied. More recently, Apple has found itself in legal trouble as they battle the game maker Epic over whether the control that Cupertino exercises is simply too much.

What is so controversial, you may be wondering? Apple’s rules are of course clear, concise, well thought out and applied equally to all developers. But have you ever really taken the time to read these rules line by line? Most people do not, more than they read the endless agreements they quickly click through to have pizza delivered directly to their door.

So let me shed some light on some of the more obscure rules that are buried deep inside this long document …

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