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LG InnoTek is supplier of Apple 5G antenna module cards and other supply chain news from Pegatron and Casetek

A report from Korea notes that Apple’s iPhone 12 for the US market has been shown to have a 5G mmWave antenna on the sides. The US versions have an mmWave antenna window under the power buttons. This feature is absent in models sold in other countries.

Apple has said at the unveiling event for the iPhone 12 that it has specially designed 5G antenna and RF front end on the phone. The antenna module card is supplied by LG InnoTek.

LG InnoTek announced in July that it plans to use 127.4 billion won ($ 111 million) to expand its telecommunications semiconductor substrate production line at Gumi. The expansion lasts until June 2021.

The Korean report speculates that “LG InnoTek̵

7;s substrate will be delivered to Qualcomm, which in turn will use it to make the mmWave antenna module and deliver them to Apple. RFIC for the antenna module is probably Qualcomm’s.

28 GHz mmWave is currently operated only by Verizon in the US in restricted areas. This is why Apple’s event focused on Verizon outside the gate. The video below is set to begin when Apple CEO Tim Cook introduced Verizon at the event to talk about 5G. When this segment ends, you can end the video, as we cannot specify when a segment ends.

In other Supply Chain News

Pegatron and the wholly owned subsidiary Casetek, both in the supply chain for Apple devices, are expected to see strong shipping momentum from the US supplier of new iPhones, iPads and MacBooks through the first quarter of 2021, according to industry sources.

Pegatron has reportedly landed around 30% of the contract’s production orders for new iPhone 12 series compared to 60% for Foxconn, with particular focus on the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini.

The company is expected to maintain volume shipments in November-December, and expects good sales of the iPhone 12 mini to drive a new wave of growth in the months ahead, the sources said.

Pegatron and other supply chain players in the iPhone 12 series will see quarterly revenues peak this year in the fourth quarter along with the upcoming increase in sales of new iPhones to hit market shelves later in October, the sources continued.

Win Semi enters the LiDAR scanner supply chain for new 5G iPhones. GaA’s foundry Win Semiconductor and its backend partners including Elite Advanced Laser (eLaser) are engaged in the production of VCSEL chips for ToF-based LiDAR scanners for the iPhone 12 Pro series through US-based chipmaker Lumentum.

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