Wireless Mac Keyboard - Keyboard Shortcuts

If there’s one app you want keyboard shortcuts for on Mac, it’s Keynote. You can navigate the presentation and the videos in it, move around the views while creating a slideshow, or just control the Keynote window.

Keynote window

Control the Keynote window by minimizing, hiding or closing it using these convenient keyboard shortcuts.

  • Minimize window: Command + M.
  • Minimize all windows: Option + Command + M.
  • Hide Keynote: Command + H
  • Hide all other app windows: Option + Command + H
  • Enter full screen mode: Control + Command + F
  • Zoom in: Command +> (right angle bracket)
  • Zoom out: Command + <(left angle bracket)
  • Zoom to selection: Shift + Command + 0 (null)
  • Zoom to fit: Option + Shift + Command + 0 (null)
  • Return to normal size: Command + 0 (null)
  • Open Keynote Preferences: Command +, (comma)
  • Open Pages User Guide: Shift + Command +? (question mark)
  • Close window: Command + W.
  • Close all windows: Option + Command + W.
  • Exit Keynote: Command + Q
  • Exit Keynote with open windows: Option + Command + Q

Keyboard shortcuts for playing a presentation in presenter mode

When you are ready to play your presentation in presenter mode, you must have this list of keyboard shortcuts nearby to move smoothly through the slideshow.

  • Play your presentation: Option + Command + P
  • Play your presentation from the first slide: Option + Click the Play button in the toolbar
  • Pause the presentation: F
  • Pause the presentation with a black screen: B
  • Pause the presentation with a white screen: W
  • Go to the first slide: Home or Fn + up arrow
  • Go to the last slide: End or Fn + down arrow
  • Go to the next slide: Right Arrow or Down Arrow
  • Go to the next slide without animation: Shift + Right Arrow
  • Go to the previous slide: Left Arrow or Up Arrow
  • Go through previously shown slides: Z
  • Show the light number: S
  • Show or hide the pointer: C
  • Show or hide the presenter notes: Shift + Command + P
  • Scroll up the presenter notes: U
  • Scroll down the Presenter Notes: D
  • Increase the font size of the presenter notes: Command + plus sign (+)
  • Increase font size on presenter notes: Command + hyphen (-)
  • Replace primary and presenter screen: X
  • Reset the timer: R
  • Hide the presentation and go to the last app used: H
  • Exit presentation mode: Escape or Q
  • Show or hide keyboard shortcuts😕 (question mark) or / (slash)

Hotkeys to control a video in the presentation

If you have a video embedded in your presentation, you can also control it with keyboard shortcuts.

  • Play your video: spaces
  • Pause the video or continue: K
  • Rewind the video by frame when paused: J
  • Fast-forward the video by frame when paused: L
  • Go to the beginning of the video: I (capital letter “i”)
  • Go to the end of the video: O (capital letter “o”)

Hotkeys when using Navigator view

To go through the presentation as you create it, use these shortcuts in the Navigator view.

  • Select multiple slides: Shift + Drag through the slides
  • Expand or decrease the slide selection: Shift + Click
  • Indent selected slides to the right: Tab
  • Move indented slides to the left: Shift + Tab
  • Add a new slide at the same level as the selected slide: Return or Shift + Command + N.
  • Duplicate a selected slide: Command + D
  • Delete a selected slide: Delete
  • Go to the next slide: Down arrow
  • Go to the previous slide: Up arrow
  • Skip a slide in the presentation or show a slide you skip: Shift + Command + H
  • Expand a group of slides: Right arrow
  • Hide a group of slides: Left arrow

Hotkeys when using light table view

To go through the presentation as you create it, use these shortcuts in light table view.

  • Select the first slide: Command + Up Arrow
  • Select the last slide: Command + Down Arrow
  • Expand the selection to the next slide: Shift + Right Arrow
  • Expand your selection to the previous slide: Shift + Left Arrow
  • Expand the selection to the first slide: Shift + Command + Up Arrow
  • Expand the selection to the last slide: Shift + Command + Down Arrow
  • Go to the next slide: Right arrow
  • Go to the previous slide: Left arrow

Unpack it

By using Keynote keyboard shortcuts on your Mac, you can not only make your slideshow faster, but navigate while playing it easier.

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