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Listen My Baby Heartbeat App to the App Store

pregnant? This is for you!
Our leading app lets you use your iPhone microphone to record and share the baby's sounds. It is the best in class, has good reviews, is super easy and safe to use.

& # 39; I found it in a nano second. It's very very quick to pick it up "Charlotte Hall, 36w

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in the UK and 57 other countries. Here's why …

Developed by parents like you (with expertise in audio technology and app development) as wanted a reliable, safe and user-friendly way to detect the baby's heartbeat and others are listening – and keep track of a quality we could not find before in other apps. It has been thoroughly tested by expectant mothers.

& # 39; Found him or her very quickly very easy to find:) Katie, 26w

**** But honestly, does it really work? ****
Yes. We have audio-visual ways to try to isolating the baby's sounds and using an advanced algorithm, enhances them to make it easier to detect and hear.

It may take time to find and depend on the baby's position so that you have to hold on to it and be patient. When you do, our results are good. The results are best between 3 0-40 weeks since your baby is bigger and stronger.

We constantly improve our comprehensive training and techniques to handle you – we even have a Facebook Support Group for help.

We want you to be happy with HMB, and getting results can sometimes be difficult. If you are struggling, contact us via support. We will help you!

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**** No Accessories Required ****
We use an internal microphone from the phone to try to listen and record the baby's heartbeat.

**** Works beautiful from 27 weeks ****
It is possible (but less likely) to hear from as early as 16-20 weeks, best results are most often achieved when the baby grows.

**** How does it work ****
1. Hear my baby, has been accurately designed to listen to abdominal sounds, and then record and amplify them.
2. It works best when the baby goes down and the back turns forward.
3. Remove the case, stay in a very quiet room and focus on the abdomen. Listen then tap mail.
4. Our simple recording handler helps you keep track of your special moment
5. Take a selfie if you wish and share
6. We will review exactly how to get the best results [19659003] **** Easy Share Feature ****
Sharing is amazing, you can choose to share via Facebook, what is App, Instagram or Email. [19659003] **** We care about your privacy ****
We take your privacy and special moments seriously. You decide who sees or hears it and can delete it at any time.

**** Before You Begin … ****
You must follow the instructions for HMB for work. A quiet room is critical for the results, as the microphone is super sensitive in the heartbeat. HMB does not fake the baby's heartbeat or other sounds 🙂

Please note: The results are usually great, but the recording may not work if your stomach is on your stomach or the baby is in the wrong position. [19659003] **** Supported phones ****
8, 7, 7+, SE, 6s, 6s +, 6, 6+ 5c, 5s and 5. We do not support iPad.

** ** Concerned for security? We are too! ***
HMB is safe, but to be extra safe, switch iPhone to flight mode. This is a precaution and automatically stops all cell transmissions.

**** Is there a replacement for medical equipment / support? ****
No – we do not want to require anything else. Under no circumstances is HMB a replacement for medical help – if you do not get a result, it does not mean something is wrong with your baby 🙂 – Consult your doctor for advice. We are NOT approved by the FDA or any other medical authority. This is not a medical device.

Please check our T & C's before downloading.

For examples of results: www.facebook.com/hearmybaby

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