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LiteIDE X 37.3 – Simple platform-Go IDE.

LiteIDE is a simple, open source, Go IDE platform.

  • Core features
    • Management of system environment
    • MIME type management
    • Configurable build commands
    • Support files search replaces and resets
    • Quickly open file, symbol and commands
    • Plug-in system
  • Advanced code editor
    • Code Editor supports Golang, Markdown and Golang Present
    • Fast code navigation tool
    • Syntax highlighting and color selection
    • Code completion
    • Code deletion
    • View storage revision
    • Load the file in an internal diff way
  • Golang support
    • Support Go1.11 Go modules
    • Support Go1.5 Go provider
    • Support Go1 GOPATH
    • Golang builds environmental management
    • Compile and test using standard Golang tools
    • Custom GOPATH support system, IDE and project
    • Custom project configuration
    • Golang package browser
    • Golang class view and disposition
    • Golang doc search and api index
    • Source code navigation and information tips
    • The source code finds uses
    • Refactoring and resetting source code
    • Integrated gocode clone of nsf / gocode
    • Integrated gomodifytags
    • Support source query guru
    • Troubleshooting with GDB and Delve

Version 37.3:

  • Fix dlv troubleshooting output crash on window
  • Support mingw-64 build for window
  • High-dpi update icon
  • Gosrc.xml add tool cover html command
  • Gosrc.xml add command
  • Add dark gray.xml color scheme, thanks for qAison
  • Resolve showlink tooltip errors for Qt5.1
  • Add find use skip test action
  • Correct empty load for Q_OS_WIN64
  • Add closed action
  • Solve exit crash on window
  • Fix handle response regexp
Gotools & gocode:
  • Update fastmod for go1.14 GOMOD
  • Types add flags for jump test

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