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Live with the Apple Watch Series 6: It’s finally here!

Apple Watch Series 6

After Apple canceled my first order and the second originally had a delivery estimate in mid-November, I decided to start looking elsewhere. Fortunately, while they only offered two stock options with stainless steel Series 6 in gold, BestBuy came through for me. They had a set delivery time on October 1

st for it with a green Sport Band, so I jumped on it.

I ended up choosing pick-up at the store on October 2 because I knew I wanted to be out of town 1. My local BestBuy is open but still closes early at 6pm, so I just missed the pick-up time yesterday after getting stuck in the traffic. Jaja. No big deal. I left today not long after they opened and was quickly in and out.

The funny thing is that I got a notification from Apple a few days ago that the watch I ordered from them was shipping and would be delivered on Monday. That numbers. I decided not to cancel that order in case BestBuy could not specify the delivery date. I wanted after BestBuy confirmed that mine had shipped, but the one from Apple had also shipped before I could.

Of course I have to come back after the way things worked out. Unlike the Watch from BestBuy, it comes from Apple with a band I actually like, so I want to keep it. I did not even open the green Sport Band that came with what I picked up today, so it will be easy to return and for BestBuy to resell.

Looked at some early impressions of Series 6:

Man I’ve missed having an Apple Watch

I sold Series 5 just before the Series 6 announcement event, so it’s been three weeks without one. I wanted to get as much money back as I could, as the resale values ​​tend to plummet after the new model is released. Also, I thought of getting a new one soon after placing a pre-order right after the event. It just did not go that way.

This is the longest I’ve used without the Apple Watch since I spent a month without a Series 0 before buying again after missing all my alerts right on my wrist. I just can not tell you how many times I have looked at a blank, wrist to check the time or to get a message after the iPhone buzzed since I sold the old one. I have missed these alerts again for the last three weeks and it feels good to have it back today.

Training information was not on the mind several years ago, but it is today. I have definitely missed having my rings and step count. As COVID continues to be a major concern, the ability to check my heart rate over time and now monitor blood oxygen levels is also important to me. I’m just as happy to have it back as my warnings, as I try to stay healthy and lose some weight.

About the oxygen sensor in the blood

Apple Watch Series 6 Blood Oxygen

I have seen where some other reviewers have had problems with inconsistent and abnormally low oxygen measurements in the blood. Like the kind of readings you would go to ER if they were from an FDA certified device. So far, my results have also been similarly mixed.

My first readings right after I got my new Series 6 set up were exactly as expected. I followed the instructions that the app gives you the first time you open it. Users are encouraged not to use the watch too low on the wrist, and not to have the band too loose or too tight. The app also recommends keeping still, and that it is best to rest your wrist on a surface. I adjusted the clock a bit, rested my arm on the chair I was sitting in and got 97% or 98% on all my first attempts. This is what it should look like.

However, I took some extra measurements as I prepared to write this section, and they were much lower. I got 95%, which the app says is at the low end of normal. I also got 92%, which would be a problem, if it was accurate. I’m fine and have no reason to believe I’m sick or have been exposed to COVID, so I do not think these readings are correct.

The point of this sensor is to track the oxygen level in the blood over time, to set a baseline and to capture deviations from that baseline. Unfortunately, if the sensor cannot read consistently, it will not be able to set an accurate baseline.

It will be interesting to see if Apple can find a way to adjust the operation of this sensor via software updates, or if it’s just what it is. Their heart rate sensor and ECG measurements have been more accurate than this out of the box on day one, so it’s different to see Apple struggle a bit with this. However, they do not seem to be an exception, as Fitbits and Samsung’s sensors are similarly inconsistent.

The new stainless steel finish looks good

Apple Watch Series 6 stainless steel gold

Honestly, there is not much difference between the old and the new version of the gold finish. I actually prefer the previous version, which was darker and had an almost copper tone. It was unique and a little more understated. In my opinion, it also looked much more professional than the rosy gold available on the aluminum model.

The new version still looks very good. It’s a lighter shade, and to be honest it looks more like actual gold now. If you have not seen it, this version is just a little closer to Apple’s original gold color that was introduced with the iPhone 5S.

A small Apple lagniappe

Apple gave me back a bit for having to cancel my first Series 6 order. They sent me a free Nike Sport Loop band, which was a nice gesture from the supporter who tried to help me.

Apple Watch Nike Sport Loop Purple Pulse

Although the center is a lighter shade than I usually prefer, I really like the Nike Purple Pulse Sport Loop. As an LSU degree, I’m about a little purple and gold, and it looks very good with gold stainless steel watch.

It’s a $ 49.99 band, so it’s appreciated to get it for free after Apple’s mistake.

That’s it for today. Honestly, there is not much different with the Series 6, so I will take some time to check the battery life and other new aspects of the device.

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