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LookUp 7 Debuts widgets on iPhone and iPad along with powerful new watchOS 7 app

Widgets in iOS and iPadOS 14 are here and can be saved on the home screen for iPhone or iPad. Many third-party app updates will filter out in the days and weeks ahead with the support of their own custom widgets, fighting for your limited space on the home screen.

If you are interested in expanding your vocabulary, a word from the day widget seems like a perfect fit for the home screen where you can look at it all day. This is exactly what LookUp 7 provides, along with widgets to run quizzes and open your word collections. The dictionary app has also upgraded its watchOS component in a big way, offering new functionality that was previously limited to the full iOS version.

Since its debut many years ago, one of LookUp̵

7;s core functionalities has been a word of today’s feature, which has always included beautiful graphics that come with every word. This graphic, it turns out, provides great additions to the home screen. They look great while giving the chance to learn new words without requiring the manual step of opening the entire LookUp app every day. The graphics of the small widget contain only the word, while the large option also shows the definition.

While the Word of the Day widget is easily my favorite option here, LookUp also offers quiz and collection widgets. The latter simply provides a quick starter to reopen some of your saved word collections, while the Quiz option is fine for the amount of information it provides: you can see the average score for previous quizzes you have taken, track your progress over time, see any prices you have won, and quickly start a quiz with a single tap. In addition to their tools, it is worth mentioning that all LookUp’s widgets are beautifully designed, an important detail if you are going to add them to your home screen.

LookUp’s new watchOS 7 app is the second highlight of today’s release. The LookUps Watch app was already solid, but until now it was quite limited in what it could do, only showing today’s words and offering a search function to find the definition of a word. Now, however, all the core functionality of the full iOS, iPadOS and macOS app is available right on your wrist. This means that your favorite words and other stored collections are available on Watch, and you can even run quizzes tailored for faster interactions, such as answering true or false words about words. Still with the theme of enabling even more functionality on the watch, two of LookUp’s shortcut actions – LookUp Words and Word of the Day – can be run directly from watchOS 7’s new shortcut app.

A great watchOS add-on that is not even available on LookUp’s other platforms is the new Daily Quiz, which appears directly in the app’s main view. Just below today’s words, the Daily Quiz provides a quick quiz with one question that you can answer with one touch, and offers an extremely fast interaction that is perfect for the wrist.

LookUp is always on top of the latest OS features, and this year is no different. The app offers some of the coolest widgets I’ve seen on iOS and iPadOS 14, and I’m glad that the watchOS 7 app gives the full LookUp experience to the wrist with speed and the fun new Daily Quiz. If you need a dictionary app, or just some new widgets to capture your home screens, check out LookUp.

LookUp 7 is now available on the App Store, and you can read my previous coverage of the app here.

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