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Mac Mini 2018 i5 vs Mac Mini 2020 i7: mac

Hi! I have Mac Mini 2018 (CPU i5, SSD 512 GB, RAM 32 Gb, Ethernet 1 Gb). I like it very much.

My questions:

  1. If I buy Mac Mini 2020 (CPU i7, SSD 2 TB, RAM 64 Gb, Ethernet 10 Gb), will it work 20-30% faster due to Hyper threading and larger SSD?

  2. Will the i7 version run much hotter than the i5? Sometimes when I touch the Mac Mini on top, it’s very hot.

  3. Will fans of the i7 version turn on more often than the i5?

  4. How do you think it’s better now to buy other Mac Mini (i7 + eGPU 5700XT) or iMac (GPU 5700XT) or Macbook Pro 16 2019 (GPU 5600M) or iMac Pro or Mac Pro 2019, or wait until Apple releases Macs ARM CPUs? Mostly I program on Mac, will use software like Xcode, Unity, Android Studio. I like more desktop experience than on laptop. Sometimes I could run bash scripts for a long time to run for about 1-2 weeks 24/7.


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