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Mac screensavers include iPhone and Apple Watch lookalikes- 9to5Mac

Podcasts Adam Garrett-Harris has put together a fun curated list of Mac screensavers, including a bunch of Apple-inspired.

For example, one that makes the Mac screen look like the lock screen of an iPhone or iPad (above), and another that looks like an Apple Watch (below) …

The collection is shared into nine categories:

Here is the Apple Watch one:

 Apple Watch Mac screensaver

There is also some fun retro, like a Pong game where the score is determined by time.

PongSaver is a macOS screensaver / clock that keeps time using the score for a game of Pong. The left side wins once an hour, and the right side wins once a minute.

Developers can enjoy quotes from http://developerexcuses.com.

I'm surprised it works as well as it does

This code shouldn't go into production yet

That code was written by the last guy

Your browser needs to save the old content

I deliberately broke it to do some testing

I forgot to commit the code that fixes that

And if you want to scare people, there are macOS and Windows Kernal Panic screens.

If you have your own favorite screensavers and wallpapers, please share them in the comments.

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