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MacBook Pro 2013, do you turn on with the keyboard disabled via terminal command? : mac

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———– The problem:

My F to L keys are completely dead, it started with the F key. While doing things in Photoshop, I use a USB keyboard (I use keystrokes all the time), and notice that the screen starts to switch quickly between the various full screen options you would normally get by pressing the F key. It does this every 10-20 minutes, in short bursts, and then stops. I lift the cap on F, and lift the ladder mechanism inside, thinking that it will prevent the key from responding, and it works quite well, but at this point it is useless and presses patience.

So I google and find this Terminal command to disable the entire keyboard (I pasted this deactivation as well as the activation command on Notes for quick future reference):

sudo kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/AppleUSBTopCase.kext/Contents/PlugIns/AppleUSBTCKeyboard.kext

It works, the keyboard now receives no external input. I continue to work without problems.

————– The question:

So it dawns on me: if I need to turn off the laptop (sometimes I do if I know I’m away for a while and not using the computer / saving power), how will I turn on the laptop again if the power button is part of the keyboard? Will it not respond if I disable the keyboard and turn it off? Or will the Terminal command I use not apply when I turn on the computer? (Forgive for potentially stupid question)

I left the keyboard enabled for now until I can be sure I can turn it on (I looked at USB keyboards built for Mac and I saw that they would not turn on the computer). The touchpad is of course unaffected, if at all important.

Thank you very much, this has been quite a headache, hope to resolve and be done with it. /

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