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MacBook pro: mac

Hi there Mac community, I'm a teenager who loves to make music and use and build PCs, and now I'm looking for something new. I'm going to get into the apple family I've ordered an iPhone xr and I'm thinking of buying a laptop, that is, the MacBook pro. I've seen the prices, and had to pick me up the jaw from the floor afterwards, then I realized I could actually afford it if I work all summer. The model I'm thinking of is a 16 gig ram 13 inch, because I need quite a lot of horsepower to make music, but I can't decide if I'm going to get 256 storage space or 512. Seeing there is a $ 200 dollar upgrade, what will some of you say? Would 8 gigabytes of RAM be enough? Would 256 storage spaces be enough? Thanks in advance

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