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MacOS Big Sur builds a bridge between Apple products

For many years, there have been more differences than similarities between MacOS and iOS products, but it seems to be coming to an end. Announced June 22, MacOS Big Sur, named after the iconic California coastline, brought a number of new features that affect both visual aspects and performance. Here are seven new features that change the game for Mac users:

7. Control and alert centers

After being neglected for several years, the two centers for interaction have received a facelift. Users will now be able to place widgets in the notification center and interact directly with Bluetooth devices with enhanced viewing for Airpods Pro and other Apple devices.

6. Safari

The built-in search engine has always been something basic, but it seems like Apple has taken a page out of Google Chrome̵

7;s book and now allows for a customizable experience. From a directly editable website to full translations, Safari is now better equipped to handle users’ daily needs.

5. Map

In 2019, Apple provided an enhanced map experience by giving select cities enhanced views of the roadway and walkway. Since then, they have implemented guides, custom guides, routing for electric vehicles, indoor maps, live updates for a shared ETA and much more.

4. Sign language recognition

In an effort to streamline accessibility in technology, sign language will now be recognized by FaceTime. Instead of emphasizing noise levels, signing on camera will make the user’s “box” bigger, and ultimately emphasize what they are signing and improve communication.

3. Privacy

In today’s ever evolving world, privacy seems to be shrinking as technology evolves. With MacOS Big Sur, privacy is ahead of the upcoming release. Privacy settings for each site are easily accessible to users, a feature that would normally require some callers to jump through.

2. Battery performance

Leaving the house? You may not need the charger as often as you normally would. Through a review of optimized battery charging, the new changes will learn your daily routine in battery usage and adjust how much to charge and when. Users will also be able to see 10-day trends in battery life as well as 24-hour records.

1. Messages

Whether it’s attaching important conversations to your messages or responding directly to message threads in group chats, messages no longer feel bulky and slow. Users will now be able to name specific people, start threads and share a personal profile for preset contacts.



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