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macOS Big Sur: This is when the MacBook and iMac can get these features

Apple’s new MacOS Big Sur update brings some of the biggest changes to the iMac and MacBook series we’ve seen in a long time. The new operating system, first unveiled in June, includes an updated design as well as new messaging features, an updated notification window and a version of the Control Center quick settings menu available on iPhone and iPad.

Following the revelation earlier this summer, Apple Software Manager Craig Federighi said: “macOS Big Sur is a major update that promotes the legendary combination of the power of UNIX with the usability of Mac, delivering our biggest design update in more than a decade.”

For now, the only way to try out all of these new features is to download the beta trial version of Big Sur, but that may be about to change.

There are a lot of rumors that Apple is planning to launch its new iPhone 1

2 and iPhone 12 Pro smartphones already next week, and what better time to announce the launch of macOS Big Sur than during this successful keynote.

Just last month, during its “Time Flies” showcase event, Apple announced the launch of the latest operating system updates for the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, all rolling out worldwide the next day. As such, it will be perfect for the next version of the Mac operating system to follow the next Apple event, which appears to be overwritten by the iPhone 12.

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Apple has a long history of announcing new Mac hardware and software in October. While September is traditionally used to unveil new iPhone and Apple Watch models – although supply chain delays due to the pandemic have obviously forced Apple to mix dates around this year – it’s usually when we hear about macOS and the new MacBook or October . iMac models.

Apple has already confirmed plans to launch a new Mac model powered by its own processor, designed internally by the team behind the chipsets on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods and more. Although it has not narrowed the launch window beyond “later this year”, it makes sense to get the latest and greatest macOS hardware on (online) store shelves well in advance of the Christmas shopping. If the California company plans to talk about the latest Mac hardware at the event next week, it makes sense to reveal the launch date for macOS Big Sur as well.

Another reason to expect a release soon is that Apple followed an almost identical pattern last year with iOS, iPadOS and watchOS updates all coming a month before macOS Catalina. Of course, as always, Apple is still close to a Big Sur unveiling, but before this launch, there are some features that will soon come to the iMac and MacBook.

macOS Big Sur: What is included in the update?

Perhaps the biggest change in macOS Big Sur is the design – with a completely new look that gives a spacious new design that makes it easier to navigate while giving users more controls.

According to Apple, “everything from the curvature of window corners to the palette of colors and materials has been refined, and new features provide better information and improved power.”

Even the icons in the Dock have changed with Apple in that they have been thoughtfully designed to be more consistent with icons across the Apple ecosystem (meaning they look identical to the app icons in iOS and iPadOS).

There is even a new customizable menu bar that has a brand new control center, which will contribute to quick access to controls right from the desktop.

An updated alert center now contains more interactive alerts, and redesigned modules are available, giving users more relevant information in an instant.

Another thing that many Mac fans will be excited about is an update to the Messages app. This success upgrade is long overdue and includes new tools to better handle important conversations and share expressive messages. Messaging effects now also come to the Mac and allow users to add personality to their chats with balloons, confetti and more. In addition, there is the ability to design unique Memoji directly on the Mac.

New group messages have streamlined interactions with family, friends and colleagues. Inline reply allows users to reply directly to a message, and now they can direct a message to a person in a group conversation by simply typing their name. And users can now enter a picture or emoji for the group conversation that is shared with all members of the group.

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