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macOS Catalina: How to find your personal and ripped videos

Apple does not always get everything right when they rethink apps and organization in operating systems. That’s what updates are for. Do you remember how the new Music app in macOS 10.15 Catalina left out the column browser that was long available in iTunes? It was a favorite of many users. Apple listened and restored it in 10.15.2.

But an obvious missing item from iTunes that should have migrated to the TV app has not yet returned. Every week or two, the Mac 911 receives an email from a reader asking why they can’t search for personal videos in the TV app.

You can browse these videos, which can be found on the Home Videos TV tab. This tab appears if you have previously imported movies to iTunes or recently to TVs that are not for sale through the Apple Store, which may include ripped versions of DVDs you own or have purchased, or free third-party video downloads.

One possibility is that few people have their own video content in iTunes and now TV, but rely on their own folder management system, or only have movies in Photos, taken from cameras and mobile devices.

Regardless, you are alone if you have many contributions. You can consider reorganizing and using other software, such as Plex, that allows you to index folders you point the software to and then access on a network or even remotely.

By the way, if you are missing personal videos after upgrading to Catalina, you can take a look in the Home folder in Music> iTunes Music> Home Movies. Although this should have made the transition to being indexed by the TV app, some report that the contents of the folder were orphaned.

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