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macos – Catalina system and data sets with “find”

Sometimes I find it useful to be able to search my entire hard drive with the “find” command, but I want to exclude all volumes on external drives. I have a script that I use instead of the “find” command to exclude external volumes.

Since Catalina still scans the script in some duplicate places due to read-only system volume and data volume. So I have had to customize the script to prevent this.

Ideally, I would like a way to specify “exclude external volumes, but include the main hard drive”. This can be achieved by using the -prune sub-command if it was allowed to override it. For example, something like “find ./Volumes -prune –

;overrideprune ./Volumes/Macintosh HD”. My compound – overrideprune subcommand will mean “crop all volumes as previously specified, but then add the main directory to hard disk volume.

Because I have not figured out how to do this, I have to crop explicitly for each external volume. And when the volume layout changes, I have to update the script.

Here is the script:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# inspired by https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4210042/exclude-directory-from-find-command Danile C. Sobral
# using special syntax to avoid traversing. 
# However, logic is refactored (will post to that page so see what the reaction is)

echo ============================
echo find - from cwd, omitting external volumes
echo Enter sudo password if requested
sudo find . -not ( 
-path ./System/Volumes/Data -prune -o 
-path ./Volumes/Backup1 -prune -o 
-path ./Volumes/Backup2 -prune -o 
-path ./Volumes/FLASH -prune -o 
-path ./Volumes/SuperDuper Catalina -prune -o 
-path ./Volumes/SuperDuper Catalina - Data -prune -o 
-path ./Volumes/SuperDuper Spare -prune -o 
-path ./Volumes/SuperDuper Spare - Data -prune -o 
-path ./Volumes/Time Machine 1 -prune -o 
-path ./Volumes/Time Machine 2 -prune -o 
-path ./Volumes/Time Machine MBP 1 -prune -o 
-path ./Volumes/Time Machine MBP 2 -prune -o 
-path ./Volumes/userland -prune 
) -name "$1" -print 2>/dev/null
echo ============================

Note: The above script works, but requires maintenance when the volumes change and to compensate for Catalina read-only and data volume. So I’m looking for a replacement for the find command above which will be generic and appear roughly as follows:

sudo find . -not ( 
-path ./Volumes -prune -o 
-path --overrideprune ./Volumes/Macintosh HD 
) -name "$1" -print 2>/dev/null

By the way, since it is referenced in the second comment line in the first script above, have a great discussion about the use of the prune command.

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