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macos – Has iCloud been hacked? Mac continues to delete and display question marks

I recently had issues with Macbook Air 2014 where it inexplicably would delete my entire hard drive and display the flashing folder with a question mark when I tried to open the computer. I tried running First Aid Disk Utility, and it was fine, reset NVRAM and SMC, and it still did not work. The only thing that worked was to reinstall the operating system, which went well. But then, the next day or a day after that, it would happen again.

I thought it was a hardware issue, and I needed a new laptop anyway, so I bought a 2019 Macbook Pro this weekend. However, the EXACT SAME problem started yesterday! I do not think there is a hardware problem, as these are two different laptops, one of them almost brand new, and it should not be able to install the operating system on the hard drive if the hard drive is damaged. I did not install any software after reinstallation, and it still happened. The only thing I can think of is that someone may have hacked into my iCloud account and deleted my Mac several times. My brother started using my old laptop and logged in to iCloud and had no issues, which made me suspect this even more.

I removed my Mac from Find My and changed all my passwords, I̵

7;ll see if it works, but I was wondering if this story is even likely, or am I getting paranoid? If not, is there any other reason why this could happen? Especially if the hardware is good and there is no software other than the operating system? I have had to install and set up my computer at least 6 times in the last week and will not do it again.

Thank you!

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