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Macs, iPads top the ACSI list when it comes to personal computer satisfaction – Apple World Today

ACSI says that customer satisfaction with personal computers – including desktops, laptops and tablets – is steady at 78 (100-point scale) after an increase of 1.3% a year ago. The new results are based on interviews conducted over a 12-month period from July 2019 to June 2020 with customers who have purchased a new unit over the past three years. In general, user satisfaction with personal computers has been relatively stable since 201

0, averaging 78 over the past decade. As mentioned, Mac got 82 points this year, against 83 in 2019.

Desktop users are still happier than laptop and tablet users despite some erosion in the last two years. Although only 20% of the respondents are desktop users, the satisfaction level (80) is much higher than laptop users (77) who make up the majority of the 64% interview pool. ACSI data shows that laptops store desktops for both quality and value, according to users. On the other hand, desktops receive almost twice as many complaints as laptops.

In the laptop segment, the story of two companies continues as Apple and Samsung dominate the rankings, and run almost neck and neck at the top for customer satisfaction. Both Apple and Samsung have shown high and stable customer satisfaction over the past five years – separated by just one point in all but one year.

Apple continues to beat the field across the entire customer experience and receives its highest rating for design. Samsung shines in terms of value, and ranks best in class among all PC manufacturers, according to ACSI. However, with the exception of Samsung, all Windows-based personal computers store Apple by a significant margin.

Tablets, with less functionality than desktops or laptops, take the middle ground for customer satisfaction at 78. When it comes to value alone, however, tablets are the clear winner compared to desktops, laptops or even smartphones.

In a new twist among tablet manufacturers, Samsung is now linking Apple – the dominant US market leader in tablets – to customer satisfaction. Amazon’s tablets come in a distant third for satisfaction, with the remaining companies well at odds according to consumers.

ACSI uses data from interviews with around 500,000 customers annually as input to an econometric model to analyze customer satisfaction with more than 400 companies in 46 industries and 10 economic sectors, including various services from federal and local governments.

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