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Saturday, February 16, 2019
Checked 8:00; Last Updated 8:00 CST; 14:00 GMT


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Weekend Highlights: Strategist does case who does not buy Netflix is ​​"Apple's biggest mistake under Tim Cook"; Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has trimmed the stick into the AAPL, which causes stockpiles, but apparently does not move to Buffetts idea; Apple buys up AI marketing startup, DataTiger, possibly looking beyond the iPhone; Dan Moren sees three obstacles Apple must overcome with the news service; Apple Files Conflict Minerals Report with SEC, company removes five vendors; Samsung to open the stores, and leak indicates that AirPods challenger is coming from the S. Korean company.

  • "When Apple sank, the hedge funds bought: The more conservative institutions, on the other hand, trimmed their positions last quarter." Apple 3.0 7:57
  • "Apple's biggest mistake during Tim Cook has not bought Netflix, strategist says: A strategist told CNBC on Friday that Apple needed to acquire a leading manufacturing studio to increase its service content with original content. " CNBC 2/15
  • "Apple buys the launch of voice applications. Pullers: Apple has agreed to buy Pullstring, a San Francisco-based startup that allows designing and publishing voice applications, Axios learned from multiple sources."
  • "Apple buys to talk to Barbie voicetech startup PullString" TechCrunch 2/15
  • "Apple has just reportedly bought a startup specializing in helping companies build voice apps" Business Insider 2/15 [19659021] "Apple to buy AI voice startup PullString, the report says: It's the same technology that helps power applications on Alexa and Google Home Assistant" CNET 2/15
  • "Apple's stock falls after Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway trimmed its efforts "[19659029] Business Insider 2/15
  • " Berkshire trimmed its Apple bet, but it was apparently not Buffet's idea "CNBC 2/15
  • " Apple has eventually acquired an AI marketing launch as it sees for Opportunities Beyond the iPhone "CNBC 2/15
  • " Three Obstacles Apple's Rumored News Service Must Overcome: What Should Apple's News Service Overcome to Succeed? " Macworld 2/15
  • " Apple upgrades older iPhones to bypass sales bids out in Germany "ZDNet 2/15
  • " Conflict Minerals Report: Summary of Apple's Commitment to Responsible Purchasing "SEC 2/15
  • " Conflict Minerals Report Reveals That Apple Removed Five Suppliers "9to5Mac 2/15
  • " Apple's latest report on conflict minerals says five smelters and refiners removed during 2018 "AppleInsider 2/15
  • " Apple helps draft blockchain rules for Responsible Minerals Initiative "VentureBeat 2/15
  • " Apple rejects five suppliers for potential finance war "Cult of Mac 2/15
  • " Apple strikes a landmark agreement with America's largest medical system "Motley Fool 2/15
  • " Apple, Google pressed to release Saudi app that allows men to track and control women "Mashable 2 / 15
  • "Samsung managed to challenge Apple in retail in the United States with first full-scale stores" AppleInsider 2/15
  • "Apple sued over reported Defective iPad causing fire leading to owner's death" Patent Apple Apple 2/15
  • "Apple sued over the wrong iPad battery behind the 2017 deadly apartment fire in New Jersey" AppleInsider 2/15
  • "Apple is likely to uncover TV streaming service at the star-studded March 25 event" Forbes 2/15
  • "Healthcare company Epic Systems says it will not consider any Apple buyout offer" AppleInsider 2/15
  • "8 tech execs that were banned from companies they helped build" [“Apple cofounder Steve Jobs famously left (or was ousted, depending on who you believe) in 1985, after clashing with CEO John Sculley. 12 years later, Apple bought Jobs’ startup NeXT Computer, bringing him back into the fold.”] Business Insider 2/15 [19659021] "White House declares" national emergency "using a (bad) screen shot from Apple's Notes app" 9to5Mac 2/15
  • "Depth Control – Bokeh & # 39; d – Apple" YouTube 2/15 [19659023] "Your Alfasi transforms long commutes into works of art "Cult of Mac 2/15
Non-Apple News
  • " See, Facebook phishing scams that can make even alert users: HTML block renders almost perfect Facebook single login window. "Ars Technica 7:56
  • " Amazon invites Ocasio-Cortez to tour, calling workers' claims untrue "Reuters 2/15
  • " Google forces some nest customers to reset their potentially compromised passwords "Gizmodo 2/15
  • ] "Facebook privacy breaches can result in an FTC value in billions rather than millions" HotHardware 2/15
  • "The EU's new copyright laws threaten to destroy the Internet: EU's new copyright laws will force all sites to Check all posts to see if anything published is a copyright infringement. It will include pictures, videos, words, tweets, memes, source code: you name it. " ZDNet 2/15
  • " "Huawei eyeing smartphone market crown in 2019" DigiTimes 2/15
  • "Samsung Leaks Upcoming AirPods Competitor" Galaxy Buds "MacRumors 2/15
  • " Watch out for Apple: Samsung Samsung opens three stores on February 20. "ZDNet 2/15
  • " Samsung is preparing to launch a sports smartwatch and AirPods-like earphones. "TechCrunch 2/15
  • " Samsung's $ 399 Galaxy Tab S5e takes on the iPad: The new Android tablet is super-thin, light and shares phone calls and messages with Samsung phones. It's the leading competitor to Apple's base model iPad. "PC Magazine 2/15
  • " Samsung Wearables App Leakages New Galaxy Watch Active "PC Magazine 2/15
Publications / Podcasts
  • " America is Awesome. "- TouchArcade Show # 388" Touch Arcade 2/15 [19659023] "MacVoices # 19082: MIke Potter puts us on the road to Macstock 2019" MacVoices 2/15
  • "Gadget Lab Podcast: Allure by AND Username" Wired [Free/Paid Registration Required] 2/15
  • "Webcams and Posts – Its, Scary AI – Daily Observations TMO 2019-02-14 "Mac Observer 2/15
  • " Amazon buys Eero March 25 for "Apple News Magazines" and more at AppleInsider Podcast "AppleInsider 2/15 [19659023]" One The Apple March event is anything but confirmed! Capture our expectations, on The CultCast "Cult of Mac 2/15
  • " Apple Updates Foldable Device Patent "CDR Info 7:58
  • ]" AirPods 2 (2019) preview: Apple deleted the 3.5mm headphone jack in 2016. But Apple also introduced AirPods. Make them great sockets. iMore 7:48
  • "Red iPhone XS and XS Max rumored to launch in China This month, again drop PRODUCT (RED) Branding" MacRumors 2/15
  • "Apple can launch iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max" China Red edition this month "iPhone Hacks 2/15
  • " Real-world LTE speed has doubled since the iPhone 5s, is a big reason to upgrade "AppleInsider 2/15
  • " The study finds iPhone XS Max users experience more than twice as fast LTE speed as iPhone 5 users on average "MacRumors 2/15
  • " Economic Daily News: Updated AirPods in production with black color scheme, launch along with AirPower spring "9to5Mac 2/15
Price Tracker / Offers [19659051] "Apple extends its" limited time "iPhone offer for at least a month." 9to5Mac 2/15
  • "15" MacBook Pro Prices and Sales "MacPrices 2/15
  • " 13 "MacBook Pro Prices Prices & Sales "MacPrices 2/15
  • " 13 "MacBook Air Prices and Sales" MacPrices 2/15

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  • "TouchArcade Game of the Week:" Linn: Path of Orchards "" Touch Arcade 2/15
  • " Apple Music users are able to subscribe to a month's subscription to a friend "MacRumors 2/15
  • " Niantic agrees to change Pokemon Go sites in litigation violations "AppleInsider 2/15
  • " Apple Launches New Beats Studio3 Wireless NBA Collection Headphones "Redmond Pie 2/15
  • " The new Pictionary has drawn in thin air: The classic family game gets a digital makeover. "Engadget 2/15
  • " Wacom's Pro Pen Slim is here to facilitate hand cramps "The Verge 2/15
  • " iCracked is affiliated with SquareTrade as a company purchased by Allstate "9to5Mac 2/15
  • " Allstate buys iPhone repair outfit iCracked, equivalent to the right to repair "fight against Apple" AppleInsider 2/15


  • "Windows 10 file explorer will soon give you access to Linux subsystem your files "Thurrott 7:48
  • " Updated WSL in Windows 10 version 1903 lets you access Linux files from Windows "BetaNews 7:54
  • " Google no longer considers Cortana a competitor "Thurrott 7:48 [19659029] "IBM Research will have the next generation AI Chips ready when Watson needs them: The company's researchers expect to improve AI's computing performance by 1000 times over the next 10 years. "Computer Center Knowledge 2/15
  • " IBM is all-in hybrid hybrid: Big Blue announced a number of changes to its shuttle services during its Think Conference in San Francisco this week, all aimed at helping customers become truly hybrid "Computerworld UK 2/15
  • "IBM gives Watson $ 50m health improvement" IT Web 2/15
  • "Samsung SDS, IBM cooperates to strengthen Open Source Hyperledger Fabric" MoneyControl 2/15
  • "Microsoft disassembles its update name form again, leaving unanswered questions "Computerworld 2/15
  • " Microsoft just made Windows 10 updates a little easier to understand "ZDNet 2/15
  • " Will Dell Technologies continue to increase higher? "Zacks 2/15
  • " Intel Ready to Start D1X Oregon Fab Expansion "eTeknix 2/15
  • " AMD Warehouse will benefit even more with the rise of Cloud Computing "InvestorPlace 2/15
  • " AMD talk to KitGuru about AMD LINK "KitGuru 2/15
  • " Warren Buffetts Berkshire Hathaway makes a quick U-turn on Oracle "CNN Business 2/15
  • " Oracle Shares Slide After Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway Dumps Stake: Oracle shares fall Friday after Deposits from the Securities and Exchange Commission showed that Warren Buffetts Berkshire Hathaway's investment fund dumped its entire stake in the software group just months after disclosing the $ 2 billion investment. "TheStreet 2/15
  • " Billionaire Buffet's Berkshire liquidates $ 2.1 billion Oracle's ownership – just months after the purchase of the shares "The Register 2/15
  • " Oracle seeks to win over $ 10B JEDI Cloud Deal "Law360 [Paid Membership Required] 2/15
  • " MTN chooses Oracle for digital transformation "IT-Online 2/15
  • " Cisco launches first ASEAN's co-innovation and cyber security centers in Singapore "The Straits Times 2/15 [19659074]