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Maintain Momentum after being selected

Joining the App Store or Google Play Store can be a great benefit to an app, not only is it validating the app's success and well-being, but it also significantly increases visibility. The users will be able to see the app right from the front page, and it comes with the store's recommendation. However, after being featured, many apps look sharp in their installation numbers – so how can App Store optimization help an app maintain momentum after it has been displayed?

Optimize metadata before receiving

Once your app is featured, having a great opportunity to improve its ranking will be on key terms. The increased traffic being discussed will help improve its ranking for the keywords targeted by the app, so core terms should be the main focus in advance.

For example, if a dating game is featured, it should be targeted to key keywords such as "romance" or "date". The improvement from being featured will help increase its ranking and appear in later searches for "romance app" or "date game."

Ranking well for optimized keywords helps an app view up in
Search Results, which is where 70%
of the app finding takes place
. When an app is no longer embossed on the front page
Since, it should be easily discovered within search to maintain it
High download numbers. The best way to do this is to prepare not just the person
the app is featured but before – optimization of metadata will keep its discovery
high before, during and after it is discussed.

Maintain Marketing

The key to maintaining momentum is to keep the discoverability
high even when the app is no longer at the front of the store. While
Optimized metadata is important to it, paid marketing campaigns like
Search ads will also help.

As mentioned earlier, the apps can maintain their mail functions
rankings by remaining visible in search, which is an area where search ads can
help. Use search ad campaigns, especially for the optimized keywords app
Targeted during the time history, can help users see the app
during search.

Think in the form of a game. Being featured is sometime
power-up – it gives an improvement first, but after it wears off, it will
Statistics return to normal and other players begin to catch up. However, use
Search ads act as a different startup, one that may not have the same initial
increase as discussed, but provide more ongoing benefits. Just like a game,
You will not use all of your resources at once – running search ads
Campaigns consistently can help extend that increase while giving
Your keywords have a start up
over time.

Read your reviews

Many new users will flock to an app when it is featured, many
by whom will share their thoughts about it. These assessments are valuable insights
that can help improve your app.

Be careful what the users say. You will be
sees a lot of feedback from new users during the app's lift from being
selected, so if someone meets an error or problem, they will let you know. If part, then
of the app does not work as well as hoped, you can use this feedback to
identify and address the problem. On the other hand, if there are any users
is consistent, this is also good feedback and can help you focus
your marketing.

Responding to user reviews is also important. Answers to
comments will let all users browse through the reviews, see that you are listening
what they have to say and improve your app accordingly. If a user is uninstalled
The app is due to a problem they found, they may be encouraged to install it
again when you solve the problem and let them know. This can recover downloads
lost after the original wave has been mentioned, or reversed earlier negative
Reviews positive.

Repeat and

Whether an app has been featured, one of the most
Important things it can do to maintain its ranking and downloads is to
continue to improve. This means continually analyzing keyword rankings and finding
areas to be improved, testing new creative sets to find those that better convert
and update the app to draw and retain multiple users.

App Store Optimization is an iterative process. Every new one
The version builds on the success of the past and improves more and more with each
change. It requires the following consumer trends and sees which keywords are hot
or cold, testing new variants to see what gets the most conversions and
Consistently find ways to improve.

Developers must play a long game to maintain installations
In app stores and being featured is just part of it. make sure that
the app has optimized organic search before a function can help its ranking
during the function. If positive clickthrough rates continue, this may be
maintained long after the presented end. Being featured can give a great one
Increase, but that's what comes after what determines long-term success.

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