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Manage Apple devices, anywhere, anytime – Apple World Today

What can Jamf Now do for your business? There are three important ways it can empower your employees:

Jamf Now lets a designated employee remotely configure devices with settings and email, configure Wi-Fi and more ̵

1; all from a user-friendly management console.

Business owners can distribute apps from one central location, view device details and know exactly how many devices are in stock at any one time.

Jamf Now protects sensitive corporate data on employees’ devices: provides remote enforcement of password requirements, and enables locking or drying of lost or stolen devices.

Jamf Now sounds pretty impressive, but if it’s not enough to send you to the Jamf website to find out more, this offer might: Sign up for free today and see how easy it is to manage three devices using Jamf Now. After the free trial period has convinced you that Jamf Now is the solution you have been looking for, additional units of only $ 2 per month each are added.

Take charge of your Apple devices today with Jamf Now!

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