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Managing customer accounts and distributing custom apps for business? : iOSProgramming

TL; DR: Do any of you have any experience distributing custom apps for your business https://developer.apple.com/business/custom-apps/

And in addition, how do you manage your customers' accounts?

A small context:

I run a small company with a few devs, including myself. We have quite a few apps on the App Store. Some are published in the customer's accounts (for some accounts we are admin, for some we are devs, or … well, we just got the assignment with the password …) Within our company account we have our own apps … but sometimes we had / needed to publish some (quite clearly marked) customer apps. Some are for public use, some are for internal use only.

So far, so good. Quite literally: I'm not saying it's the right way … but it's a widely accepted way to go, at least where I come from (Italy): us, competitors and colleagues do it and have been doing it for years. .and sometimes lately even Apple support (informal) said it wasn't * unheard of *. Basically, my typical clients don't care much about D-U-N-S, annual fees, 2FA, anyway … as long as it doesn't add to the cost of the bill, it's no problem and gets the apps to the stores. Thus, we sometimes managed to make them responsible and authorize us as developers, sometimes they pay for our time to go all the way when we subscribe to them. and sometimes we only publish their internal apps within our company account. And in internal apps, I literally mean that the user must log in with the company's specified username and password (ofc, we provide proofreaders with test accounts), listed under the "Productivity" category. I want to emphasize this: If you go through the categories "Productivity", "Tools" and "Reference" – at least for Italy – you get many such programs.

The problem:

This year we never have a single rejection for this reason. In fact, one of the client's app has got its 1.0 version up in mid January.

No issues before … 1.1 update of the app, which we submitted a few days ago, and was rated after the large merger of the account Roller of 2019. 1.1 was rejected twice: once because the app description has "no details about the functionality "(which avc we didn't deliver … it's just for the clients) … and the second time after we added the description (and showed our hands …) they said it's too specific to be on the App Store, and led us to use Custom Apps for Business (CAB).


Do any of you have any experience with it? Arent CABs just for really big business, which usually delivers their staff with enrolled devices and manages their own MDM server?

In this specific client's case, it is more a BYOD scenario to help their personnel use their iOS and Android devices, rather than using large factory readers and so on. The client might just scratch the iOS app if the solution would involve setting up an account in their name, let alone if they needed to sign up for a business application …

For example, I was thinking of adding a "public section" "… a form of presentation of the Client business, contact forms and service list … then a login protected section that kicks the" real "app. Would this be enough to justify the apps' presence in the stores?

I have a phone call within 3-5 with the Apple Review team, but I'm afraid I'll just get stereotypical politically correct answers, that's why I would like to hear from you even before then.

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