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Masking Video In Keynote With A Donut

So let's say you work in Keynote and you want to mask some video. Now you can do this simply with pictures using a form. So I'm going to choose any form. There may be all sorts of strange characters here. Let's go and just stick to a basic circuit and enter the circle. Then I can drag and drop a picture into the form. Then I can move it around. Change the size of it. Do all sorts of things. But in the end I get a picture in a circle.

But I can't do it with video. If I take a form in here and I try to drag and drop a video into it and it won't go in there. So what can I do? Well, I can put a form over a video. So let's go and put this video on the slide. Let's shrink it a little. You see when I add a shape I can actually put it over the video and it works when I play it. The actual video will play and the shape will be on top of it. But what if I wanted this to be in the circle. How can I do that? How can I reverse this?

Well, it turns out that there is no easy way to do it. But there are ways. One way of course is to actually put many shapes around it. So I could actually convert it with rectangles and stuff and close it. But it doesn't help me very much with a circle. I can go and create a mask in an image editing app like PhotoShop, for example, which is transparent in the middle. Take it as a shape and put it on top. It will work, but it requires a lot of extra work. You must have a photo editing app and know how to do these characters.

But it turns out that it is an easier way if you are just smart with the characters. Because you can edit these characters. So it would be nice if it was a form of a hole instead of a circle. It turns out that it is. It's a donut. You have this donut shape. I can bring it here, and if I magnify it enough, I can actually get the video inside this hole in the middle. Now the problem with this is of course a donut with small sprinklers and some frosting here. I don't want all this.

So what can I do to get rid of it. Well one thing I can do is put other characters on top of it. So I could, say, set a rectangle shape on the top that covers some of these holes. Put another rectangle shape, etc. I can also edit the shape. I can control clicks on it and I can make it editable. Then I get everything here where I can edit it. I can actually drag small rectangles over each litter and get rid of them. I can do it with every sprinkler here and just make sure I don't get rid of the edges or hole in the middle that I'm going to use. I can do the same here with frosting as long as I don't go too close to the edge to get rid of the things that are there. There we go!

So now I have created a new form there. I can save it in my shapes if I want, so I can use it next time. I can expand it. Take it in there. Let's go change the color to make it white. Now when I play this slide, my video is in a circle. I can make adjustments and fine-tune to get what I want.

Although I don't want to say, you know, this outer circle has here, notice how the video can leak out here, depending on the shape of it, you can enter and edit the shape and do things that stretch the corners of these . So I can bring each one out. I can also stretch these edges. I can extend it. So I can do all sorts of things to distort it and play around with it until I get a form that I want as a hole that I can play video through.

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