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Massive Storage + 3-Port Hub = Your new desktop hub

Leave learning from home and work from home with the new OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual with 3-port hub.

Designed to handle different workflows, the Mercury Elite Pro Dual offers up to 32 TB of storage capacity plus a built-in powerful USB hub for connecting accessories and charging devices, making it the hub of your digital desktop. The compact Mercury Elite Pro Dual is equipped and ready to use to give you the best performance with any USB-equipped Mac, PC or tablet from almost the last decade. No need to worry about which system you have – the Mercury Elite Pro Dual with 3-port hub is there to provide the performance, data capacity and hub capacity of your digital needs.

Digital Desktop Centerpiece

The Mercury Elite Pro Dual with 3-port hub gives you almost endless possibilities for your work area. This modern designed solution is universally USB compatible and can handle different workflows. Available plug-and-play, the Mercury Elite Pro Dual is not only super-fast, convenient and versatile, it will quickly become the center of your digital lifestyle.

High performance where it matters, the Mercury Elite Pro Dual with 3-port hub delivers over 1000 MB / s (1 GB / s) of real world 1 data transfer speed. You can now transfer the equivalent to an entire DVD in less than 5 seconds or transfer 1000 images in 2 seconds. Performance like this is great for backup, photography, audio, virtual machines, even video editing.

The hub on the back has three USB ports to connect to high-speed storage with performance of up to 1250MB / s and keyboards, mice, phones, etc. In short, you can connect virtually any USB device or device you have, and Mercury Elite Pro Dual with 3-Port Hub supports it. Designed for today’s and tomorrow’s accessories, all three USB Hub ports are backward compatible, have full power and provide full performance. Whether you connect keyboards and mice, bus-powered or stationary drives, mixers or video – you are assured that you have all the ports you need with maximum speed and power. And of course, it fully supports charging, powering and data synchronization of mobile devices, tablets, cameras, headphones and gaming devices.

The Mercury Elite Pro Dual with 3-port hub contains all the cables you need to connect to any computer or USB-equipped mobile device, and the whisper-quiet design allows you to work without distraction. This solution is the practical solution that does everything, that works, and that gives you control over your desktop.

OWC Dock Ejector Icon

Do you need to take it on the go / disconnect it, or finish the stations? Disassemble the OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual with 3-port Hub and any additional external drives connected to it from your computer with a single click with OWC’s free Dock Ejector app. You want to make sure all data is securely written before a drive is disassembled, protecting against accidental data loss or corruption.


  • Universally compatible: works with any USB-equipped Mac, PC or mobile device such as iPad Pro, game consoles, you name it that supports external storage
  • Pro-grade storage with truly tested performance
  • Connect and charge: Three USB ports for audio or video mixers, cameras, card readers, tablets, keyboards, mice, anything USB
  • Configurable capacity: up to 32 TB of high performance data storage
  • Plug and play and ready to use: no drivers are required and includes USB connection cables
  • Optional, user configurable hardware RAID settings for 0, 1, Span or independent mode for advanced users with specific application requirements
  • Whisper-quiet: heat-dissipating aluminum with high-efficiency cooling fan
  • Easy driving monitoring: Front panel activity LEDs provide instant status update
  • Quality and reliability ensured: all solutions undergo rigorous multi-step testing and performance certification
  • Carefree: up to 3 year OWC limited warranty with 1 year level 1 data recovery and lifetime US-based support

Ready to work anywhere

Macdrive software

The Mercury Elite Pro Dual with 3-port hub is 5.8 ″ high x 3.3 ″ wide and is compact, giving you more space to work on your desk or work area. It connects to any Mac or PC with an available USB port, so it is universally compatible with almost all USB computers from the last decade to the latest computers. You can also work across platforms with Mac and PC using OWC’s MacDrive software (sold separately).

Secure your workflow with OWC ClingOn

OWC ClingOn

Active work areas expose equipment to bumps, slides and the random tail of a pet. Only a bad touch can cause an unintentional disturbance of the cable disconnection in the workflow. OWC ClingOn-adapted cable stabilizers (sold separately) are screwed into the OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual with 3-port hub housing to secure your USB-C connections, so you can work safely even in the busiest environments.


The OWC Mercury Elite Pro Dual with 3-port hub can be purchased now at MacSales.com, from $ 249 for a 2 TB solution, available up to 32 TB. Mercury Elite Pro with 3-Port Hub solution is also available for “DIY, 0GB add your own drives” for $ 149.

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