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Michael Tsai – Blog – Another developer account almost closed

Liu Qia (via Ying Zhong):

There are currently 8 apps. Among which “RedLine” (aka 红线) is from January 2019 to today, there are more than 280,000 users, and they have been mentioned by the AppStore Today many times, as well as by several media.


For more than a year, my apps’ ratings and account status have been very good. Until two weeks ago, I submitted a newly developed app called “One Aim”. This is a simple, clean, single-function app. Like my other works, I did it myself from design to development.

In the evening after submission [of 1.0.1]changed the app status to “under review”. Two days later, the report was rejected, and a message was received that the review had to be extended, and no details were given.

On the morning of September 23, I received a message stating that my developer account or other accounts associated with the account were fake, and decided to close it.

He appealed, but was never told of the cause, as soon as “the investigation was over and the conclusion confirmed.”


After going public with the story:

I got a call from the Apple Review Team on the morning of October 2nd and was told that my developer account would not be terminated. After clearly stating that I did not violate Apple’s developer policies, she hopes to continue developing and submitting apps in accordance with the guidelines in the future, and sent me the reason for the rejection of the app that caused this incident, and asked me to submit it in for review after change.


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