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Michael Tsai – Blog – Apple says Epic is “Saboteur, Not a Martyr”

Tina Davis (Slashdot, 9to5Mac):

In an overnight filing, Apple said: “Epic started a fire and poured gasoline on it, and is now asking this court for emergency assistance to put it out.” Epic can solve the problem “by simply complying with the terms of the contract that have profitably governed the relationship with Apple for many years.”

How can they do that when Apple closed their account, saying “we will deny that you have re-applied for the Apple Developer Program for at least one year”?

Apple told the court that removing the game from the store was not competitive because Epic̵

7;s players could use other mobile devices or PCs, laptops or game consoles. “Only a fraction of Epic’s customers access Fortnite using an iPhone, and Epic’s revenue from other platforms far exceeds revenue from iPhone players,” said Apple.

Florian Mueller:

The figures provided by Apple’s opposition statement speak for themselves:

“Apple has taken this approach thousands of times with other developers and their affiliates.”


“Apple has closed over 75,000 unique accounts to introduce new features without going through the App Review; over 2000 accounts to introduce a non-IAP payment method; and over 60,000 accounts to introduce hidden features or obscure code (for example, by installing executable code). “


“Apple is not waiting to be cheated again until they end an affiliate company for the bad deeds of its principals.”

So it’s not just that the language in Apple’s contracts allows for such termination; it is done routinely.

Florian Mueller:

Apple’s archive further explains that Unreal Engine is not the market leader – Unity is. While Unreal Engine according to Apple is “used by a small fraction of iPhone apps”, Unity (which is also used by my app development company) “characterizes itself as ‘the world’s leading platform for creating and running interactive 3D real-time content’, and is available for ‘more than 20 platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and the leading augmented and virtual reality platforms.’ “Apple goes on to say that” Device is used by the vast majority of Apple developers who uses a graphics engine. ”

MG Siegler:

I do not think that Apple, although they explicitly follow the letter to what Jobs said at the time, I do not think they follow the intentions of what was suggested by what he said. If you go back and read these quotes, I think he’s basically saying: Look, we’re launching this new in-app shopping service because we’re trying to make the best user experience so people can shop in our apps and on our devices. And we think we can create a better experience for those users who use what used to be iTunes Rails to pay for these subscription services, and now it’s obviously running through the App Store. And if you feel like it, if you’re a service that brings in your own users in a different way and you can do it, it’s great, you’ll keep all the money. And if they choose to use Rails to do so, then we take 30% cuts.

And we can talk about the 30% cut in a second, but I just think that Apple has deviated from that mentality, and now everything is just like, how do we make sure we get that 30% cut and they sign up is via our mechanism. So it feels like they are not competing so much to have the best experience or product necessarily anymore. They compete for confusion and try to make it confusing and / or just as impossible to register.


I think they should be much more detailed when it comes to how they support these types of businesses and recognize that not all types of businesses should necessarily take 30% of their revenue out, and I know they have changed that a bit over the years. They have a 30% finder’s fee which in turn turns into a 15% thing in year two and what not. But some of it was just because of back-end deals that they cut with some of the other major players like Amazon, and then they felt like probably some hypocrisy if they did not give it to everyone, but there is still a lot of hypocrisy going on behind the scenes.

Bobby Allyn (via Hacker News):

“Not only is Epic being exploited by Apple, but all developers are following the scheme that is working with Apple and Google to promote their monopoly,” Sweeney said in the interview. “These stores make a lot more money on creative work than the creators.”


A 30% fee for new technology in the future, Sweeney says, could stifle innovation. And more than that, “it’s going to be one of the worst dystopias you can imagine from the science fiction literature, with a few companies controlling not just digital objects and games, but everything,” he said.

Fortnite Team:

Apple prevents Epic from signing games and updates for distribution on the Mac, ending our ability to develop and offer Fortnite: Save the World for the platform. In particular, our upcoming v14.20 release will cause errors for players on v13.40, resulting in a very bad experience. Since we are no longer able to sign updates and release fixes for these issues, starting September 23, 2020, Fortnite: Save the World will no longer be playable on macOS.

We issue a refund for all players who purchased Save the World Founder or Starter Packs (including upgrades) and played Save the World on macOS between September 17, 2019 and September 17, 2020. In addition, all purchased V-dollars spent on Llamas on macOS during this period will also be refunded.

Current Mac versions of Fortnite are signed with the Epic Games International Certificate, which has not been revoked. This account is otherwise used for Unreal Engine and related examples of apps. In theory, Epic could sign new Fortnite buildings with this certificate, but Apple would see it as trying to circumvent the termination of the main Epic account and perhaps endanger the Unreal Engine.


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