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Apple (via Hacker News):

Applebot is Apple’s browser. Products like Siri and Spotlight Suggestions use Applebot.

Traffic coming from Applebot is identified by the user agent, and reverse DNS displays it in the * .applebot.apple.com domain, originating from the web block.


Some fun facts:

  • Applebot was originally written in Go (and revealed a user agent error in redirects, revealing Go’s origins to the world, which Russ Cox solved the next day).
  • Until the release of iOS 9, Applebot ran all four Mac Pros in one office. These four Mac Pros can crawl close to 1B websites a day.
  • In the first week of its existence, it almost took Apple̵
    7;s internal DNS servers offline. It was then modified to make its own DNS resolution and caching, good memories …


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