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Michael Tsai – Blog – Author Mac Help Books in 2020

Mario Guzman (tweet):

Apple’s own documentation for Apple Help has moved to the documentation archive on their developer page. You will find many questions about Stack Overflow and other … more questionable sites. Apple made one small revision of their documentation back in 2013. 2013 !!!

Now, 2020, Apple Help is neglected and well, crusty. Very crusty (no, not so crusty). It still works, but some parts of it do not seem to work as well anymore. Not sure why it is neglected. They recommend that you include a recently published help book in HIG – and they link to the documentation (from 2013). Personally, I think they have a lot of potential and a lot to offer. I wish this was a component at Apple that would get some attention in both development and documentation.


I spent countless hours and days trying to gather all the information from all corners of the internet to create a help book. It was super frustrating and unbearably time consuming. I do not want anyone else to feel this way, so I hope this speeds things up for the next Mac developer who wants to include a helpbook with his amazing app!

I prefer hiutil command line tool over the Help Indexer app because I can call it from my build script.


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