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Michael Tsai – Blog – Auto white balance against burning sky

Ian Bogost:

Certain photographs and videos of the surreal orange sky seemed to wash it out, as if to remove the danger. “I did not filter these,” tweeted journalist Sarah Frier, posting photos she took of San Francisco’s haunting morning sky. In fact, the iPhone color corrected the sky to make it look less scary. Imagine more orange. The pictures looked vaguely morning mistress in color, but not too different from a foggy sunrise in a city that is exposed to fog. In some cases, the scene seemed to return to a neutral gray, as if the smartphones that captured the images were engaged in a conspiracy to quell this latest disaster.

Via John Gruber:

This is not a bug, but a side effect of the fact that the built-in camera app on iOS (and in the same way on most Android phones) is definitely consumer-focused. Setting a manual white balance point is a feature of any worthwhile “pro” camera app.

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