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Michael Tsai – Blog – Epic Excluded from “Sign In With Apple”

Epic (tweet, Hacker News, MacRumors):

Apple will no longer allow users to sign in to Epic Games accounts using “Sign in with Apple” as soon as September 11, 2020. If you have previously used “Sign in with Apple”, please update your Epic Games email address and password your immediately. so you can still log in after September 11, 2020.

Apple does not retaliate, but they consider it more important to harm Epic (and make an example of it) than to help their own customers who put their trust in the service. As a user, I would rather rely on a password manager than a login provider. As a developer, it is a more difficult choice because many users like universal logins. Apple does not allow you to support other third-party sign-in providers without also supporting Sign In with Apple.

Riley Test:

Lesson: Do not use “Sign in with Apple” unless you want Apple to be able to kill all user accounts remotely …

Nathan Lawrence:

If you’re Epic, it stinks, but you know it’s coming – you can barely keep API keys without a dev account – and can prepare. Not so if you are an indie who happens to be flagged for abuse by one of the big companies that have control over these login systems. You only lose customer data.

The whole point of open authentication standards once was that authentication could be democratized and opened up, and you could choose an identity provider that worked for you and fit your personal standards – even your own server.

Now it instead centers even more power on large companies.

Tanner Bennett:

Apple really shoots itself in the foot here, only to despite some …

They will NEVER fully recover after this fight, not least for the next 20 years. Their new reputation for being a petty, vicious bully is basically set in stone at this point.

Not to mention all the developer trusts that they are eroding with this. They now also have a reputation for offering services that can be revoked at any time (not to mention having the ability to remove your app at any time and make you go bankrupt …), which is not appealing .


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