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Michael Tsai – Blog – Era of Visual Studio Code

Roben Kleene:

Text editors, on the other hand, are a software category where the most popular options are not the oldest. According to the Stack Overflow Annual Developer Survey, Sublime Text was the most popular text editor available on Mac from 2015-2017. Sublime Text was released in 2008, a real youth compared to Excel and Illustrator. Text editors have been a category with a lot of movement: For the last 20 years, TextMate, Sublime Text and Atom have all been the text editors with the most speed. Has any other category ever had so much movement for large complicated desktop software?

I think the time with new text editors that are popping up and fast becoming popular has now ended with Visual Studio Code. VS Code has reached unprecedented levels of popularity and improvement, and lays a foundation that can mean decades of market dominance.


With VS Code, the extension-based text editor has apparently reached its final form. Ever since TextMate, extensions have increased in prominent position and capabilities, and with VS Code, that development seems to have culminated. There̵

7;s just nowhere else to go. Similarly, there is no way a new text editor can skip VS code in the same way that previous text editors have jumped around each other by enhancing extensions.

VS Code certainly has a lot of features and extensions, but I’m still pretty happy with BBEdit and the Mac interface.


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