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Michael Tsai – Blog – Faster Xcode Updates

Igor Kulman (via Cédric Luthi):

Installing Xcode from the Mac App Store may seem like a convenient way to do it, but it’s too slow and inflexible. You can not use the Mac App Store to install multiple versions of Xcode at once if you need them, such as when testing with an Xcode beta for an upcoming iOS release. Downloading from the Mac App Store is incredibly slow and sometimes not even available for several days after release (like 11.2.1).


Downloading Xcode from the Apple Developer Portal is faster than using the Mac App Store, but it can be done even better. You just have to use the right tools.


This script downloads the given X-Code by URL from the Apple Developer Portal, but uses up to 1

6 separate connections to do so. You will see a significant improvement in download speed.

Paul Hudson:

Pros: If you downloaded Xcode directly from Apple, you can use xip -x Xcode_12.1_GM_seed.xip to skip the validation step and save about one billion tonnes of CO².

And don’t forget to turn off Dropbox.

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