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Michael Tsai – Blog – grief from transition to subscription

Peter Steinberger :

Transferring an app to a subscription is always an adventure – even if you don't take features away, people give you 💩

Twitterrific :

Even if you add FOR many functions.

Pádraig Kennedy :

fwiw we were shocked that we barely had any of this when we moved Castro to a subscription. I guess it depends on the app type and who your users are.

Markus Müller-Simhofer :

You get the same 💩 when you dare to issue a paid upgrade. Or even when you do Freemium to offer a [trial]. Two examples from just today.

And you have no idea how many give us 1-star reviews because Mac and iOS are separate purchases (platform unlocking is only allowed for subscription). In [file] those who request the function of a subscription … 🤐

Michael Simmons :

This is a high but fortunately minority of users. These people seem to be writing and updating apps and supporting an app is free. These same "loyal" users would not care if we were to go out of business. Part of the app industry (and life!), I guess. 😉

Kyle Howells :

Part of the problem is iOS itself.

Apps need constant maintenance to just keep working because otherwise they will break.
The funds, I want to keep this thing I've already bought, and I want new features and updates in the same way, ending up combined together.

as a result you get “I bought this app, I just want to keep it, why are you taking it away from me and making me pay again? ”

But without more work, iOS will even take the app from you by breaking it or refusing to run it.

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