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Michael Tsai – Blog – Guardian Firewall 1.0

Sudo Security Group (via Will Strafach wired):

Guardian Firewall will be available [in] July. The cost is $ 9.99 / month (or $ 99.99 per year) for VPN + firewall features. The VPN-only service will be available free of charge.


Thousands of hours and 5 months back and forth with Apple's App Review team later, this mission has resulted in us creating the first real firewall for iOS devices. Managed by a unique dataset that is the result of our continuous and exhaustive internal research, the Guardian Firewall updates immediately when we detect new threats to ensure you don't have to do any work at all.


The first 1

.0 release of Guardian Firewall does one thing first and foremost: block those who are trying to track you down and tell you who they are, as well as the types of data they were likely to collect.


To keep track of all known trackers used on iOS, we periodically scan the App Store and use custom automated tools to decompile, disassemble, and index the content of iOS apps.


The Guardian Firewall app is designed to act only as a client for remote host VPN servers running custom fully equipped firewall software […]


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