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The Mac gets a lot of flakes from people who are nose deep in technical specifications and price updates. What they do not see – or are not interested in – is the intangible: the culture that people with big dreams and small means have made the unconventional available, the complex seemingly simple and the advanced available. This culture does not live or die of Apple in particular, although the original Macintosh was a product of a similar mindset helped set the tone. This culture produces things that are difficult to find elsewhere, not because it is technically impossible to do, but because the values ​​that drive the other platforms give different results.


The culture and the people and the shared values ​​and what it all comes together to produce. That̵

7;s why I’m still here. You can live in many houses, but not everyone will feel at home. I’m sorry for the landlord and the building manager who ignores leaking pipes and oiled floors that fire up as it lifts up the rent and keeps an eye on hustlers running Three-card Monte, but other than that, I love the neighborhood, I love the surroundings, I love that they value the things I do, and I love what it can build over time.

Mac macOS 11.0 Big Sur

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