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Michael Tsai – Blog – iPod touch 7. Generation

Joe Rossignol:

Apple today announced a new iPod touch with headline features like a faster A10 Fusion chip and a new 256GB storage option.

It's the same processor as the iPhone 7, up from the iPhone 6- era A8. It has the same 4-inch screen size as the iPhone SE, but with only 3/4 weight and a worse camera and less comfortable shape. Unless you really want the small size, I think most people would prefer a used iPhone SE or iPhone 7, which would probably also be cheaper.

Rob Griffiths :

Of course, to find it on Apple's website, you need to know that an iPod touch is categorized as music.

Even on the day of the release, it does not get space on Apple's website.

Michael Love :

Actually, this is very good news for iPhone SE fans, because if they launch a brand new 4 inch device now – which must therefore be supported by iOS for at least 2022 or 2023 – it seems like 4-inch monitors aren & # 39; t go anywhere.

Also, the article's theory that Apple is about dropping the A8 – and thus the iPhone 6/6 + along with the 5s – makes sense; It's the last devices left with only 1 GB of RAM, not to mention that the A9 was a great performance jump over the A7 / A8.

So this summer, the new baseline will be an A9 and 2 GB of RAM. That means the oldest supported iOS device will have about the same CPU performance as the 2018 Android flagship.

Manton Reece :

It's best to think about the iPod Touch as a very small, $ 199 iPad. I think the value for that price is better than any other Apple product. Good to see it updated.

John Gruber:

In the early years, I think many iPods were sold for use by children. But today, most kids use hand-down iPhones. I think many new iPods Touch are being sold for business purposes – inventory scanning, point of sale, such things.

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