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Michael Tsai – Blog – Local 1Password iOS Vaults No more for free

gross (via Hacker News):

I have a workflow where I use 1Password on my phone – locally, no sync, will not sync, cannot use synchronization. Of course, this is not my main way of using 1Password, which I have used now since 2011, mainly on Mac and iOS.

On that phone I often remove 1Password and reinstall it. The last time I did this was a few weeks ago, probably running 7.3.1 or 7.3.2.

Today I needed to do this again and I reinstalled 1Password to realize that the new onboarding screen doesn't seem to let me configure my local vault at all.

I looked at release notes – all I can see is that 7.3.1 had improvements to free-standing vault synchronization, which seems to mean that free-standing vault still works, and 7.3.3 reduces the size of the app by 27%.


I'm sorry about the issues. 1Password no longer offers an easy-to-use option on IOS. It can either be used with a 1Password membership account, or it can be synchronized with a standalone vault made by 1Password for Mac or 1Password for Windows. It would not be possible to create a new standalone vault from 1Password for iOS. Standalone vaults work still, but must be created by a licensed product (1Password for Mac or 1Password for Windows).

It seems quite reasonable not to allow free creation of vault. But it reduces the use of the app for those of us who do not want to use the shuttle service, because it is no longer a way to pay for the iOS app without subscribing to the service.

The other problem this story highlights is that app updates are not handled well on iOS. Chances are you will be kept up to date with the new version, and in this case, the change was not called out in the release notes, anyway – and there is no way to go back or even to recover from backup. So you can never be sure that a function you depend on will not suddenly disappear or destroy.


Maybe one could share the arguments in this thread into two categories; 1) Force payment for some features is frustrating when it was free before, 2) Free-standing vault synchronization features disappear because AgileBits believes it is safer and more convenient to work through 1P accounts.

As a five-year-old customer of both personal and company plans, I also see the disappearance of stand-alone synchronization as a negative. I have taken it with customer support and sales on several occasions.

Unfortunately, the result of these calls is always similar to this thread.


One thing I've learned about software in general is that I will never be outside the primary use case. If you don't use it the same way people build it, it will be painful to use and your requests will be ignored.

"Ignored" is probably too strong here, but the overall point is sound. This is also the reason why people are worried that Apple is releasing certain types of hardware and adding obstacles to automation workflows. While it is technically still possible to do what you can do before, everything becomes more difficult and less supported when you are at a niche.


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