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Michael Tsai – Blog – macOS Big Sur changes for developers

Free Pascal (via Frank Reiff):

macOS 11 Big Sur introduces many changes to the user interface that update the look of applications and make them more iOS-like. It also provides support for familiar iOS features – such as SF icons and text styles.


Toolbars are higher by default, window titles can be displayed built-in with controls, and toolbar elements no longer include a frame.

I have found that to get the new title bar and settings toolbar style, you need to build with Xcode 12. It is not enough to set NSWindow.toolbarStyle.

Even when using the new SDK setting NSControlSizeLarge the view does not give you the new large icon style. To get it, you have to use NSToolbarItem.bordered, which requires macOS 1

0.15, instead of creating the view itself. So that means separate toolbar implementations if you want to support macOS 10.14 and earlier. Because I no longer make the view myself, I had to switch from NSSegmentedControl to NSToolbarItemGroup, but unfortunately NSMenuToolbarItem does not work when you are in a group.

My main Mac is still on macOS 10.14, so I use #if __MAC_OS_X_VERSION_MAX_ALLOWED < 101600 to create the same code together with both Xcode 11 and Xcode 12.


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