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John Gruber:

“Well, what do you expect from a company run by a crown that hugs beancounter like Tim Cook?” That is, Apple, under Cook’s leadership, has become cheap, and the reason for Problem X is that Apple refuses to spend money on fixing it.


Apple is not cheap. A lousy ear / pound-foolish company does not design and build architectural wonders like this new store in Singapore. Apple spends lavishly on what they care about and consider important.

There are sharp problems with Apple’s platforms that can be greatly improved by spending money. Apple is willing to do that for architecture and TV shows. And for the environment and accessibility, despite the “bloody return.”

; But not for the App Store (500 reviewers for 100,000 submissions per week), documentation, quality assurance, user data or repair of defective products that it sold. Either Apple disagrees that larger budgets can improve these areas, or they do not consider it important.

Prayer counting can also be a practical faux justification. Despite 28 million developers paying an annual membership fee, Apple recently called for the right to poverty, saying that without the 30% IAP commission, it “would not be able to continue its ongoing investment in the” App Store. Billions of iPhones sold, mostly based on available apps, are counted in another bucket.


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