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Michael Tsai – Blog – ProtonMail forced to add IAP

Sean Hollister:

But also, an app developer revealed to Congress that it – just like WordPress – had been forced to make money mostly free app. That the developer testified that Apple had demanded in-app purchases (IAP), even though Apple had approved its app without them two years earlier – and that then dev dared to send an email to customers notifying them of the change, threatened Apple removed the app and blocked all updates.

That developer was ProtonMail, makers of an encrypted email app, and CEO Andy Yen had some burning words for Apple in an interview with The Verge this week.


Yen tells me that there was a month-long period where ProtonMail could not update the app at all, even for security reasons, and Apple threatened to remove the app if his company continued to delay. So ProtonMail decided to increase the cost of the entire service on iOS by about 26 percent to meet Apple̵

7;s needs and eat the rest itself.


Apple’s own head of app review from 2009 to 2016, spoke with Congress for its bombshell antitrust report as well. He testified that Apple’s top executives would find pretexts for removing apps from the store[…]

Remember, Tim Cook told Congress that Apple had just done it except additional categories of apps from fees, and that Apple does not retaliate or bully developers.

Jason Snell:

The more consistent the stories are, the less Apple can claim that this was just a big misunderstanding.


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