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Michael Tsai – Blog – Remote Work and Apple and Microsoft


Apple CEO Tim Cook participated in an interview as part of The Atlantic Festival on Monday, where he discussed a range of topics from climate change to teleworking and the company’s antitrust issues.

Mark Gurman (Hacker News):

Cook said he does not think Apple will “come back as we were because we’ve found that there are some things that actually work really well virtually.”

Bloomberg’s headline is “Apple CEO impressed by telecommuting, sees permanent change”

;, but it does not actually sound like Cook is changing much.

July Clover:

Regarding the transition to work from home for many Apple employees, Cook said “it’s not like being together physically” and that he can not wait for “everyone to be able to come back,” and confirms that Apple will not to be one of the companies that allows employees to work from home in the long run.

Tom Warren:

Microsoft allows some of its employees to work from home permanently. While the vast majority of Microsoft employees are still working from home during the ongoing pandemic, the software maker has unveiled “hybrid workplace” guidance internally to provide far greater flexibility when US offices finally reopen.

See also: 1Password (Hacker News).


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