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Michael Tsai – Blog – Restoring the Big Sur Desktop Image

Tim Hardwick:

The task was even more challenging this time, as the standard macOS Big Sur wallpaper shows the dramatic, rugged mountain range of California’s Central Coast region from an elevated vantage point 4,000 feet above sea level.

After investigating a bit, Levitt and his friends found out that a drone would not be able to get the shot, and anyway, flying drones off the coast of Big Sur are against the law. So the team came in contact with a helicopter pilot, who happened to be the same pilot who flew out Apple’s own photographer to get the original image.

Matt Birchler:

Above is my recreation of the macOS Catalina wallpaper taken in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

And here are a few versions of the Big Sur wallpaper.

Grayson Blackmon:

Take a look at recreations side by side below]…]


Mac macOS 11.0 Big Sur Microsoft Flight Simulator Photography Wallpaper

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