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Michael Tsai – Blog – Screenshot in Big Sur requires administrator account

Nathaniel Strauss (tweet):

Two months into the beta cycle, Big Sur is still not ready for education. Beta 5 launches today, and Apple has not implemented a way for standard users to enable screen capture. As a result, they cannot share the screen with standard video conferencing solutions such as Webex, Zoom, Google Meet and others. Imagine an online class where the teacher can not show a presentation or a student can not show his work. During the biggest shift to distance learning ever, it’s the future Apple delivered in beta 1, and completely misses the mark when it comes to how a large majority of their education customers use Macs. Apple has said it plans to introduce ways for standard users to enable screen sharing, but as of beta 5 this is not the case.

[…] [July 22 was] most recently Apple has commented on access to screenshots in Big Sur. No response through feedback assistant, business support cases or other common channels.


The general wisdom I always hear is to submit feedback early in the beta cycle is better. My concern with screen capture in particular is that we get a solution in a late beta, it will not meet the user base̵

7;s real needs, and then we get stuck with it. If the solution is sent in beta 6, there is no time to give feedback to improve the function before GM. Considering that Apple did not even realize that this was a problem before we submitted feedback, I can not say that I am confident that they are developing a solution internally without feedback from K12 or other educational institutions.

I do not understand what problem Apple solves by not allowing standard users to agree to record the screen.


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