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Drew McCormack:

Steven’s anniversary was a few days ago. I always take a break, at least for a moment, to remember how great those times were after he returned to Apple in 1996. A roller coaster that convinced me to quit my secure job in science society, and risk everything on something new they called “apps”.


That was when I got the order. I will receive details of all orders from Mental Case in my inbox. (Yes, there were so few I could read them separately.) This one was different, because I knew the name immediately.


I have no idea if this was the real Steve Jobs on the line, or just a carefully crafted practical joke. (I don’t think the information about treatment in Missouri was even commonly known at the time.) But I like to think it was really Steve, bored in the hospital bed, recovering from surgery, and just browsing apps to see where the wind was blowing. .

Chris Hynes:

I worked right in the hallway where he walked between the buildings, so it was very common to see him. A few days after the bike incident, we walked towards each other in the hall.

He looked at me, dipped his head and made the same apologetic gesture with his hand. I could not believe he remembered. He made this duck and waved about a dozen times over the next month. Then once he passed me with a grin on his face and just said “Hello”

Maybe he felt he had made enough excuses.


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