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Michael Tsai – Blog – Stolen Instagram account

Danny Hall (Hacker News):

TLDR: A rich kid in LA now has my Instagram account because he got his friend who works on Facebook to steal it … and no one on Facebook or Instagram does anything about it

I have had the Instagram account @danny since it was launched (10 years ago!). I guess it’s pretty coveted @.


So it seems that employees with the right access to Facebook can only give your account to someone else. What happened to all my data? Pictures, messages … 10 years of it. Does this guy in LA have it now? Has it been deleted? Will I ever get it back?

Since there is no other way to contact Facebook, I have submitted it as a security flaw in their bug bounty program, but I doubt I will get anything other than an automatic response.


An interesting aspect of this story is that although there is no real evidence that a Facebook employee was involved, it still seems like a credible explanation to many readers, including many commentators here. If the company̵

7;s customer support is so poor that no one can tell the difference between being hacked and being abused by a junk employee, does it matter what happened? I guess it means something to the original poster, and I hope they get their photos / account back, but in both cases the message I take from the story is the same: your Facebook account may disappear tomorrow and you would have no chance .

After the story took hold, he got the account back, but without any explanation. It reminds me of this story (Hacker News) about a woman who loses her Kindle books:

The friendly telephone-based customer support also did not have access to Nygaard’s account, and she was passed on to “account specialists” who only communicated via e-mail. That was when things took a Kafkaesque turn (as documented by her friend, Martin Bekkelund, on her blog). A man named Michael Murphy with Amazon UK’s “Executive Customer Relations” told Nygaard that her account was intended to be “directly related to another who has previously been banned for abusing our policy.” What guidelines? He would not say. What other account? Murphy would not share it either.

Instead, Murphy would just continue this sinister authoritarian hob:

In accordance with our Terms of Use which in part states: Amazon.co.uk and its affiliates reserve the right to refuse service, close accounts, remove or edit content or cancel orders at their sole discretion. Please note that any attempt to open a new account will encounter the same action.

And of course, the stories of Apple developer accounts. The official channels just don’t seem to be working.

Tom Bridge:

Does anyone know anyone at PayPal? They have decided to permanently restrict my account.


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