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Michael Tsai – Blog – xattr Flag and iCloud Drive

Howard Oakley:

If you're working on xattrs, you've probably already seen this in xattrs whose name ends with a hash # so one or more characters: it's actually the flags, not part of the name, what Apple refers to to like a & nbsp; property list & # 39 ;. To avoid confusion, I do not use that term here, but refer to them as xattr-flag. A common example of this is com.apple.lastused date # PS which is seen quite widely.

The flags can be upper or lower case C, N, P, and S, and always follow the # separator, which is probably otherwise forbidden to use in a xattr's name. Capitalization specifies (activates) this property, while lowercase logs (disables) this property.


The requested & # 39; whitelist & # 39; is actually baked in the xattr flag code, which from 201

3 the following standard flags are set for different types of xattr […]


If you want a xattr preserved when it goes through iCloud, you must therefore give it a name ending in the xattr flag S such as co.eclecticlight.MyTest # S .

These are completely re-filed as file extensions and plug two data parts into the same field. If you have an app that uses xattrs (maybe even before iCloud Drive was introduced), you'll need to migrate all your metadata (and always check the old xattres when you read a file) to set the "flags" for the right iCloud treatment.


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