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Microsoft Xbox game service comes to iPhone as a web app

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is reportedly on its way to the iPhone, not just Android

iPhone can soon play console-quality titles with Xbox Game Pass, as Androids already can.
Photo: Microsoft

Microsoft is reportedly using a solution to get Xbox Game Pass on iPhone and iPad. Instead of going to the App Store, this cloud game service will be available as a web application.

This is the same strategy Amazon took to get its own streaming service on Apple phones and tablets.

Takes Xbox Game Pass to iPhone through back door

Microsoft wanted to create a simple iOS application that allows users to stream a group game over the Internet, but Apple does not allow it. It insists that even streamed games must be displayed individually in the App Store.

So Microsoft is reportedly taking an alternative method to get the cloud gaming service for the iPhone and iPad. Phil Spencer, executive vice president of gaming at Microsoft, told employees on Wednesday that it creates a browser-based way for Apple devices to Xbox Game Pass, according to Business Insider.

Redmond does not sneak behind Apple̵

7;s back. Apple specifically states in the App Store guidelines: “There are always open Internet and browser apps to reach all users outside the App Store.”

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offers streaming access to over 100 titles. It allows users to play console-quality games on a variety of devices, even Android, because the local device does not do any hard work. Beefy servers handle heavy lifting and only stream the action to players with phones or tablets.

This means that playing Xbox Game Pass will require a constant, fast connection to the internet. But that would also be true even if it was a standalone iOS app.

Not just Microsoft

This news comes just weeks after Amazon announced that Luna, the cloud gaming service, will go the same way. It will not be available in the App Store. Instead, there will be web apps for iOS and iPadOS. These will run in a browser, not as standalone apps.

It is possible that other companies will also follow suit. Facebook has complained that it cannot place its gaming service on iPhones due to the App Store rules. It can also consider a web app if Amazon and Microsoft succeed.

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